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Santa Cruz trike ride


Can’t beat the views of the Pacific from this trail – logged 10 miles, easy and fun!



Rain and Redwoods


Every day since paddling, all night long, seems like forever! 

Saturday  we hiked at Capitola Mall, desperate for exercise – boring but beneficial 😳

And then today, hallelujah! the sun came out for a few precious hours.  Our RV site is on a bluff overlooking the San Lorenzo River, which was so far below in the trees we couldn’t see the it at all. Today it’s only 10′ below!  

We hustled a half-mile up the road to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park to hike in the sunshine.   

Our lookout bench at the top of a long climb, with turbulent Monterey Bay in the background. 

You can glimpse the muddy river below & the bay in the distance. 

Redwood Grove – 1st growth, never cut.    





I love the life we’ve made together!

Elkhorn Slough


Great day paddling in our favorite place with our best water playmates, sea otters (and seals and snowy egrets, blue herons, curlews and sand pipers!)   

We tried to count how many times we’d been here paddling, first in rental boats from Moss Landing, then our gray Jocassee double kayak, and now these awesome friends, our Wilderness Tsunami boats!

We are so blessed 😍

Santa Cruz!


We return to one of our favorite places in the world, where we spent so many happy years visiting Max @ UCSC & then Courtney too – it’s great to be back 😁

In this beautiful warm sunny day, we stop first at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park to pick up a map. So many hiking & triking trails to explore in the next three weeks πŸ˜‰ 

After errands at Target in Capitola, we revisit Zelda’s for lunch  on the beach.  

Strolling on the beach and making happy birthday singing phone calls to Aleisha & R. J.  (tho he didn’t answer πŸ˜’) 

Not to be missed – Gayle’s Bakery  

All in all, a good day in our life of traveling easy. 

Paddling Elkhorn Slough tomorrow – gotta bask in the sun while we can, with rain coming on Friday for the weekend😝 

Blossoming trees


Fruit or nut trees in forests or white flowers – lovely!


Challenges & Silver Linings


Challenges in paradise: today in Sierra Blanca TX, while driving along I-10, our chassis battery powered off, leaving us without turn signals, brake lights, even no dash gauges 😳 We pulled off the road and called the Freightliner folks who talked Steve through a battery disconnect & reset, which worked!! 

Then we noticed that our inverter/charger console was dark and we had no house current – so no frigπŸ˜₯ This time we called Thor – our RV maker – and they suggested a similar hard reset of the house batteries. However, that one didn’t work. 😒😒 Next step failed too: the authorized service folks in El Paso/Arnold are booked til Tuesday! 

Did I say Steve did all this outside work in a roaring wind at about 40 degrees? He’s my hero πŸ’‹

Silver linings: we were able to make an appointment with the service folks in Tucson for tomorrow @ 1 pm. We ran the generator going down the road so our frig worked. Needing to get closer to Tucson, we pressed on to our favorite RV park in Deming NM, where plugging in to A.C. is working to keep the electricity going overnight. That’s good, since it’s predicted to be only 20 degrees tonight😬 


Will our water pipes freeze tonight? Will the Tucson folks be able to fix the inverter unit without needing to order parts? Will warranty cover the cost?  

Tune into in tomorrow for the answers to these critical questions!

Me? I’m not worried – we’re off to relax in the indoor hot tub and heated pool 😜

Paddle thru Tacoma Narrows


Beautiful sunny day in the Pacific NW. Put our kayaks in at Gig Harbor, tooled down the west shore towards the Narrows, tide almost full low. Passed under the bridge we drove timagehe motorhome over on our way to Gig Harbor RV Park.

Resting @ Tacoma Narrows Park beach – 5.67 miles, halfway back to where we put in, and the tide is starting to rise!

In our way back I paused underneath the bridge: